S3LF-Care Sunday Virtual Wellness Festival November 29th

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This year has been different, to say the very least. It’s rocked the boat on life as we knew it, and although there have been many challenges along the way, there has also been some good to come from it too. Hear me out…

Something that I have seen from my clients and those who reach out to me is their self-care focus has gone from being pretty low, to way more relevant. Whether that be their physical, emotional, social or mental health, people are taking a look at what they can perhaps do to nurture themselves better, improve their environment or seek good and useful information on how to focus on themselves more.

So as we approach another week in lockdown 2.0 I want to give something back to help people with their own self-care and in doing so also highlight some amazing small businesses, inspiring people and open up minds to something new.

What is the S3LF-Care Sunday Virtual Wellness Festival?

An all-day virtual event hosted on @S3LFUK Instagram focussing on ways to make you feel good, take action and focus on yourself. If you’re looking for something new and fun to try, something to help you relax and unwind, or something to make you think differently, this line up is just for you…

When: Sunday 29th November 2020 10:00am-13:00pm & 16:00pm-18:00pm

Where: On @s3lfuk Instagram account

Who: Join founder & coach at S3LF, Jess Neary, as she welcomes guests throughout the day talking on an array of topics…

10:00-10:30am - Get Strong Workout with Jess Neary @s3lfuk - Jess will be running through a strength workout to start the morning off with a bang! Suitable for all abilities, simply grab some dumbbells or filled water bottles as weights, yourself, and get ready to feel strong.

10:30-11:00am - Lockdown Nutrition with Eleanor Coales @enliveningelle - Nutritionist, Eleanor Coales, will be talking tips for good nutrition in lockdown, how to build a healthy meal from cupboard staples and answering your questions live.

11:00-11:20am - Training For Your Mental Health with Simon Booth @coach_simon - Join expert coach Simon as he talks through his years of personal training experience in coaching clients as well as his own take on the benefits of exercise for mental health.

11:20-11:40am - Running with Jessica Ding @runnerjessica - Wanted to start running in lockdown but unsure where to start? Or maybe you’ve been running a while but hit a wall? Ask Run Talk Run Leader, Jessica Ding, her tips as well as understanding how running and mental health tie closer together than you think.

11:40am-12:00pm - At Home Facials with Natalie Kate @TheBlossomRooms - The perfect self-care staple is without a doubt, a pamper. Join Natalie as she talks through taking care of your skin in lockdown as well as showing some at-home facial tips and tricks.

12:00pm-12:20pm - Crystals with Gabriella Jones @lapidartcrystals - Ever wondered about crystals and their healing properties? You're not alone. Join Gabriella as walks us through crystals, their history, meanings and how you could use them in your life to reap the benefits.

12:30pm-13:00pm - Live Cook Along ‘The Perfect Lunch’ with @ThePantry8020 - Wanting the perfect Sunday Brunch/Lunch recipe? The Pantry 8020 has got you covered. They’ve shared an exclusive recipe with Jess which she’ll be cooking live and she wants you to join her. Grab your ingredients for ‘Benedict with Benefits’ (ingredients announced later this week on Instagram) and cook along to conclude the morning with a tasty finish.


16:00pm-16:30pm - Spiralling and Unwinding on the Mat with Taryn Slade @geminipilates - Helping you reconnect with yourself to find truth in your movement journey, Taryn with be showing us all how to slow down and listen to our body through some time on the mat.

16:30pm-17:00pm - Feel Good Films & Quiz with Adam @moviemetropolisuk - On the lookout for something feel good for your Sunday? We’ve got you covered. Join top movie blog creator, Adam, as he runs through his recommend feel good films, and go head to head with friends or family and see who’s up for the challenge of some film trivia.

17:00pm-17:30pm - Cocktail and Mocktail Masterclass with @theblackdoorbh - Fancy leaving lockdown with a new talent? Bringing a new skill to your Sunday night, The Black Door will be showing us how to make some classic at home cocktails and mocktails to enjoy with your Sunday dinner or future weekends at home.

17:30pm-18:00pm - Mindset Chat with Jess Neary @s3lfkuk - Concluding a packed day full of amazing guests and wonderful speakers, Jess will be slowing things down and talking about the importance of a positive mindset when it comes to your health and wellness. Providing tips and food for thought to help you during this time, grab your cocktail, mocktail or a cup of tea and let’s talk.

A special shout-out goes to Designs By Hannah @designs.byhannah who created all the digital art for the event. Follow her on Instagram or visit her page

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