No Motivation? You Need to Know This

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

When it comes to getting motivated, sometimes we require a little help from others to help us on our way. If you’re the type of person who finds yourself struggling to get out of bed in a morning to workout, or maybe even canceling your well-intended plans to head to the gym after work because, well the thought of getting into your comfies and sitting on the sofa lures you in time and time again. Understand that you’re not the only one.

Being motivated all the time is a myth, and a well-publicised one at that. See I don’t believe in constant motivation, instead, I believe in systems. Systems get results. A system that is underrated, but also easily accessible, is group training. The notion of working out with others. This could be a group of complete strangers or they could be friends, one persuaded to get involved by the other. But what is it about training in numbers which makes our workouts that much more effective?

Teamwork - Hands on Tree S3LF at Wootton Hall

Accountability - The "I got you" workout buddy

Ever told someone you’ll meet them at a certain place and time and then just not showed up? I’d hope not, that’s a bit cruel otherwise. See making that commitment to meet someone holds a level of accountability when it comes to your fitness. Working out with a group means that even on the days your motivation is low, the feeling of not wanting to miss out or break that commitment with your new-found workout pal, is strong enough to get you there. Often I’ve found these sessions are some of my best mainly because I least expect them to be. Having that level of accountability from peers and your coach can be just what you need to get you there.

Belonging - The "we're in this together" team workout

Working out on your own in a gym setting isn’t for everyone. Instead, some people find their motivation lies in the feeling of belonging. Just look at the success of fitness groups like boutique bootcamp studios, spin classes or types of training such as Crossfit. The communities themselves help people want to come back time and time again. What’s better than hanging out with people you like whilst getting fit at the same time.

Determination - The "I won't let myself or the team down" feeling

Exercising with a group has a plethora of benefits not only on your social life, but on your physical wellbeing too. With increased determination, a harder work ethic and an internal or external competitive side, working out in a pack has shown multiple benefits on people’s health. One study shows that 95% of those who started a programme in a group completed it in comparison to 76% who did it on their own. This reinforces the idea that you’re not only more like to consistently stick with it, but also push harder than you would if you were on your own.

Endorphin High - The "I so didn't want to do this today but feel SO good now" feeling

Most have heard that exercising releases happy chemicals in our brain, endorphins. But did you know that the benefits of working out with others also releases them in another way? One of the main things I like to focus on with my workout classes is that people work hard AND have a good time. Studies show that smiling or laughing also releases those feel-good chemicals into the body, elevating that post-workout high feeling.

The main challenge when it comes to people’s health is sticking with consistent habits and behaviours that will get them the results they want. By being part of a community of like-minded individuals, having a supportive coach, and more drive than you’ve ever had previously, group training could be just the key you’re looking for to set you up for success.

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